August 4, 2015

Need App Insights? Facebook Analytics for Apps

People are increasingly accessing your app and website across multiple devices and you probably don't even know it. Facebook Analytics helps you answer questions like “what percentage of the people in Australia that installed my mobile app ended up purchasing on my website?” or "Which age group and gender is my app most popular with?" - Smarter Decision Making

Gain Insights into YOUR Customers - Improve YOUR app Marketing - Measure YOUR Results. If you are thinking of building an App or have one already launched, Talk to us about making Facebook Analytics part of your marketing strategy.

The strategic thought and countless hours of research don't want to count for nothing when it comes to launching your App to market. Facebook Analytics can help give you continual knowledge of how to be better and how to maximise ROI with customers. It is bundled with a tonne of cool features. Features that are going to make you a LOT more knowledgable on route to market, future app development and ways to make your investment a positive one. Some cool features include the following:


Dive into the trends of what is happening in your app. Break down trends by country, age, gender, language and platform in order to gain insights about how specific groups of people use your app.

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Discover when your customers are having a problem getting through your app. Whether a checkout flow is asking for too much information, a level is too hard to beat, or you have a bug in your latest release – funnels help you get to the bottom of the problem.


Cohorts help you understand how your existing customers are performing compared to historical customers. For instance, you can look at what percentage of people who installed your app on a given day are still opening your app one week later. You can use cohorts to better understand retention, lifetime value, and repeat purchase rate.


Understand your customers better. Segments are powerful filters that you can use on top of your funnels or cohorts to answer questions about a group of users who you’d like to understand better. For example, you can create a segment of Android users that accounted for the top 10% of your sales to better understand what makes those people tick.

App Ads

Measure the lifetime value of your Facebook Ads. If you are running app ads on other mobile ad networks, Analytics for Apps will soon allow you to measure ad performance and lifetime value by ad network.

FaceBook analytics for Apps