December 29, 2016

Super Mario is back, and breaking records?

During its first four days of availability, Nintendo‘s first-ever proper smartphone game, Super Mario Run, was downloaded more than 40 million times by iOS users, thus breaking the App Store record for number of downloads during that span. The game launched initially in 140 different countries.

After a record breaking first few weeks of the ever popular Super Mario game things are taking a twist. Less than two weeks after the launch of Super Mario Run on iOS, excitement for the game is wearing off fast. According to data from analytics firm App Annie (via Bloomberg), Super Mario Run is no longer the top grossing app in any country. That’s down from a high of 59 countries in the first days after its December 15 release. Super Mario Run is still making Nintendo a lot of money. According to App Annie’s rankings, the endless-running game is still a top 5 grossing app in 23 countries and a top 10 grossing app in 47 countries. But the steep decline in just two weeks of availability suggests that Nintendo misjudged its monetization strategy.

The game is free to download but costs $10USD to unlock the full version - do people actually want to pay for this? The conversion rate for Super Mario Run is just 1-2%, according to data from Apptopia. In other words, just a couple of users in a hundred actually paid $10 to play the full game.

In the end the site is pretty cool and worth a loo.