July 4, 2017

Snap Chat and Snap Ads for your Brand?

Snap Chat claim there mobile app platform is 'The best way to advertise on mobile". Reaching the right audience where they're most active. Delivering your message to Snapchatters based on their Snapchat habits, dozens of lifestyle categories, demographics, and more… A feature which other social apps have also implemented, so how does Snap Chat compare?

The Liberal Party made world history by being first sponsored Snapchat lens in political advertising. Targeting the youth vote in the vital hours of the media blackout.

Snapchat’s users are younger than those on Facebook, making it unlikely that the new features will draw people away from one social network to another. A big majority of the market is targeting the age group of 30s and 40s, a market that Snapchat is not a dominate force in.


Features which were popular with Snap chat such as overlaying filters, adding masks and morphing features  on videos and images has now become available on other social platforms, including the expiry time an image can be viewed. 


Screen Shot 2017 07 04 at 2.03.18 PM

Snap Chat have an audience of 166 million active daily users, with an average of 18 interactions, a large number but when compared with Facebook of 1.15 billion daily users an averaging 20mins per session, the numbers are in favour of competitors.