June 28, 2016

Its like Shazam... but for the art gurus

This is Shazam for the art world. Just take a photo and the app will tell you everything you need to know.


Your access to the art world

Take a photo of an artwork and instantly know the artist, title and price.

Its and app, and the best thing is the price - FREE!

The team behind the app, Magnus have finally done something a lot of people interested in art and also newbies in the world so desperately need. The idea behind the app is to help buyers with a growing transparent structure but also increase the market interested.

Using both the most advanced technologies and years of tireless data compilation and manual data entry, Magnus is the world’s most comprehensive art database, showing not only prices from galleries and auctions, but also exhibition histories of galleries, artists, museums, and art fairs.

How it works

There are three main steps involved from the moment you take a photo until the magic happens

Not only can you get prices but you can also find an artist and follow the whereabouts of his exhibitions, save your collections and share with others over social media.