August 20, 2015

Foodography… for everyone!

Most of us are guilty of uploading photos of our dinner to Facebook or Instagram every now and again, although some of us are more talented at it than others.

Foodography was an integrated experience at Catit in Tel Aviv, built around a meal inspired by Carmel wines, and featuring a special food photography workshop, using each course of the meal to teach diners lessons about the aspects of smartphone food photography. What’s more, for the occasion Nissani, Peretz and Adoni worked on a series of plates and bowls to further enhance the photos of the food on them, including a 360° revolving dish, and a dish with a high back to eliminate ugly backgrounds

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To make the most of this trend, Carmel Wineries - Israel’s oldest – worked with their creative agency Baumann Ber Rivnay in order to create an unusual and fascinating project. Using the skills of chef Meir Adoni, prominent food photographer Dan Perez, and ceramic artist Adi Nissani, they came up with FOODOGRAPHY.