November 18, 2015

Fitbit and their clever features

Fitbit on Monday announced the addition of PurePulse heart rate tracking and SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition to its Charge HR and Surge devices.

The additions to the devices could entice the Fitbit faithful, but they might not be enough to bring new users to the platform.

The PurePulse monitoring will be activated whenever the devices are used in Exercise Mode, providing users with continuous, automatic tracking of heart rate trends over time without the need for a chest strap.

SmartTrack will recognise select exercises automatically and record results to the Fitbit app to inform users about their overall activity.

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Many fitness trackers can already detect activity, but the PurePulse heart rate technology has been updated to track high-intensity workouts without the need of a chest monitor, which typically is required with other heart rate monitors. The Fitbit system is aided by the ability to determine when someone actually is working out instead of just moving around the house or office.

The tracking app and dashboard behind Fitbit would have to be one of the cleanest layouts we have seen in a while, flexible grids, simple to use and customisable for your needs. While the smart watch market starts to encroach into this space, Fitbit are doing their best to hold a strong marketshare of existing and new customers want to capture their daily movements and achieve there step goals.


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We look forward to what is to come in the wearables industry which is ever growing.