September 27, 2016

Everything on Plastc - One card for everything

Swipe, Snap, Go.

With the Plastc Wallet companion app, quickly swap cards, add new ones or track your spending. Your Plastc Card holds up to 20 cards, while your Wallet App can store an unlimited amount. It takes just a few seconds to switch the cards on your Plastc Card or add a new card. Plastc Wallet also offers a Personal Finance Management system (PFM), meaning you can see all of your account balances and transaction histories in one place, eliminating the need to toggle through multiple bank apps.

Plastc Card brings all your payment cards into one sophisticated device, allowing you to pay any way and anywhere you want.

Plastc Card’s powerful technology protects your information, so you can pay with confidence.

There are three authorization steps: a 4 digit PIN, matching name and social security number (for U.S. residents), and card verification. Mobile users with compatible devices can also opt to use the biometric fingerprint scanner to access the Wallet App. The magnetic stripe and NFC chip are disabled until you select your card, preventing fraudulent activity.

 plastc xray 550x387

Plastc is probably the stage between no cards and using smart phones with nfc and where we currently are at with a wallet full of plastic credit cards. Very clever tech and great security options - worth a try!