July 28, 2015

An app for business travel & expenses

Trippeo is just one of many apps used to capture travel expenses and to make business travel just that little bit more efficient.

Your mobile Business Travel & Expense App to make running around just that little bit easier

The Trippeo app is really designed to make business travel simple and with syncing between outlook calendars or google and get flight info straight to your inbox rather than searching through endless booking sites online.




Now lets talk about the pros and the cons of Trippeo.


  • Take photos of all receipts and it captures all the data to keep records
  • Links up with credit card use to reconcile all expense
  • Creates on the go reports to submit saving time and money
  • Syncs to google and outlook for real time flight info
  • Secure
  • Works with the Apple Watch


  • The app is free, although it is $5 per user which is minimal.
  • Competing against alot of other apps just as good
  • Only for iPhone

trippeo expense


To sum it all up, Trippeo is an app worth a look amongst the competitors with small user costs it's great for a small to medium team making record keeping of your travels easy and efficient.